Priority ERP

Designed specifically with the small to medium sized business in mind, Priority provides unrivalled functionality. But without the correct infrastructure in your business any system will only do the basics, will stagnate and will cause you to look elsewhere in 5 years time. This should not be the case.

Priority ERP adopt a different approach to most ERP vendors. They sell you the software then develop its use inside your business. Successful big businesses that use ERP software (and that would be all of them), have in house business analysts who are constantly liaising with the staff to fix issues, change the way things work as the business grows, introduce new techniques and new technology. These people are too expensive for the smaller businesses and as a result many small businesses don't grow into their ERP. How many times do you hear of businesses who talk with pride about the capabilities of the new system they bought but 12 months later call it the Accounting System? We aim to change that.

Key Features of Priority Software

    Version 17.3 continues the interface improvement process introduced previously in version 17. We have turned customer feedback into new improvements to the UI, with the aim of streamlining the user experience and enhancing productivity.

    Home Page The home page offers new options for displaying your most timely or relevant information at a glance. Quickly access the entities you worked on most recently and entities waiting for your attention. For more information read the user guide and watch the video.

    Priority’s BI and analytics tools are built as an integrated part of the application. As such, users can drill-down with a single click – from aggregated data presented in dashboards and dynamic BI reports directly to the underlying data elements in their respective Priority forms.

    Users have the freedom to independently tailor reports and dashboards, add and personalize shortcuts and business metrics, and easily compare and contrast data of all types, including financial, sales and marketing, customer support and more.