Common ERP Myths

There are a lot of myths that surround the concept, infrastructure, implementation and practice of enterprise resource planning. Very often people are not willing to adopt ERP because of these wrong notions. In this section we will see some of the most common myths about ERP and will try to demystify them.

One ERP package will suit everybody

There are hundreds of ERP tools available in the marketplace. These tools differ in features, capabilities, size, functionality, price, technical support, customizability, scalability etc. The organizations are also different from one another. Each has its own characteristics and identity. Assuming that one tool will be suitable for all organization is wrong. Selecting and purchasing an ERP tool without analyzing whether it is suited for the organization will have disastrous consequences.

For an ERP implementation to be successful, the tool that is implemented should be compatible with organizational culture, practices and procedures. So when purchasing an ERP package proper attention should be given to the selection of a tool that is best suited for the organization.

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    NITIALLY Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution was developed for the big organizations which involved huge investment.

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