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What is the typical implementation time frame for ERP system?

Just like implementation costs, implementation time frames vary widely based upon size and sophistication of the organization. The most important element in how long it takes to implement an ERP system is the level of commitment on the part of the senior management of the organization which purchased the ERP system.

While there are number of reasons why ERP implementations take substantially longer than originally anticipated ('scope creep', data conversion issues, etc.), the single largest issue in implementation is the staff of the implementing organization spending the necessary time to actually make the implementation happen.

This is difficult because in most mid-sized companies, implementation activities are typically performed by people currently working for the organization that purchased the ERP software (as opposed to larger organizations which typically use external sources to augment their staff during an implementation).

In most of these mid-sized companies, these individuals are already working a solid week without the added requirements placed on their time by an ERP implementation. An ERP software vendor should, based upon experience, be able to tell you how much time your organization will need to spend during the implementation process and how long the entire process should take.

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Common ERP Myths

ERP means more work and procedures

ERP will make many employees redundant and jobless

ERP is the sole responsibility of the management

ERP is just for the Managers/Decision-makers

ERP is just for Manufacturing Organizations

ERP is just for the ERP implementation team

ERP slows down the organization

ERP is just to impress customers

ERP package will take care of everything

One ERP Package will suit everybody

ERP is very expensive

Organization can succeed without ERP



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