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ERP Vendors in India

ERP as an application is really the buzzword nowadays in the IT Industry. Due to its ability to interrelate numerous departments in an organization, it is the one application which has really caught the eye of the IT industry as a whole. A whole lot of complexities which are related to one particular department can be resolved if that department is interconnected to the other departments of the same organization as well. Now, as we know, ERP caters to almost all the domains of any industry and thus it is used the world over. It is the same story in India as well, where ERP vendors are playing a major role in popularizing ERP as a way of life in this vast country. Due to the size of the country, there is always the scope for ERP vendors in India to penetrate the market to the grassroots level.

The strength of ERP vendors in India vis--vis other internationally reputed ERP vendors such as SAP, Oracle, BAAN, etc. is the cost of the ERP itself. By nature, Indians are very conscious about the amount of capital that they spend on any product, ERP being no exception. Due to this reason, they will normally look to any product which will give them a return on their investment in double quick time as compared to any international ERP brand. SAP, Oracle, etc. are very reputed ERP's no doubt, but the cost of these products is extremely prohibitive and thus the return on investment will take a long time to recover. Here is where ERP vendors in India score over international competition. A familiarity with the geography of the country as well as the market itself serves as a huge bonus for ERP Vendors in India. ERP Vendors in India like the Mumbai-based Eresource ERP are a force to reckon with in the field of web-based ERP, and thus are tough competition to any international brand.

It is a given that ERP vendors in India are a force to reckon with and can take on any competition which serves as a threat in their backyard. Thus, we can easily say that ERP Vendors in India are here to stay for a long time to come.

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Common ERP Myths

ERP means more work and procedures

ERP will make many employees redundant and jobless

ERP is the sole responsibility of the management

ERP is just for the Managers/Decision-makers

ERP is just for Manufacturing Organizations

ERP is just for the ERP implementation team

ERP slows down the organization

ERP is just to impress customers

ERP package will take care of everything

One ERP Package will suit everybody

ERP is very expensive

Organization can succeed without ERP



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