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  Industry    ERP Lead Description    Location
  Industrial Component    Component Manufacturing Company with Annual Revenue of USD 15M is looking for ERP software. Number of users upto 25    New Delhi

  Automobile    Automobile OEM Manufacturing Company looking for ERP Software. Number of Users Upto 120    Mumbai

  Printing & Packaging    Printing and Packaging Manufacturing Company Looking for ERP Software. Turnover 16M. Number of Users Upto 75    Mumbai

  Plastic Manufacturing    Plastic Molding Manufacturing Company Looking for ERP software.    Gujarat

  Packaging    Corrugated Box Manufacturing Company wants ERP Software. Valve Manufacturing Valve Manufacturing Company Looking for ERP Software. ERP to be Integrated with 4 manufacturing Unit. Head Office is based in Gujarat    Gujarat

  Engineering    Engineering Company in Gujarat is looking for ERP Software.    Gujarat

  Engineering    Project Engineering Company in Pune is looking for Inventory and material Management software. Bill of Material of this company has upto 18 levels. The ERP should be flexible to capture upto 25 levels of BOM.    Pune

  Engineering    Engineering and Industrial Component manufacturing company is looking for ERP Software. The company is looking for Web based ERP solution. Compatibility with Linux will be added advantage    Pune

  Engineering    Heavy Engineering Machinery Manufacturing Company is looking for ERP Solution.    Pune

  Electrical & Electronic    PLC Control Panel Manufacturing Company is looking for ERP solution. Company has 3 warehouses and 2 manufacturing. Total Number of Users would be 150    Mumbai

  Electrical & Electronic    Industrial Control Automation Company in Gujarat is looking for ERP Software Solution. The company has 1 central Warehouse and 2 manufacturing unit.    Gujarat

  Electrical & Electronic    Wire and Cable manufacturing Company is looking for ERP software. Company has Manufacturing Unit in Gujarat and Head office in Mumbai.    Gujarat

  Trading    Oil and Gas Trading company based out of Dubai, UAE is looking for ERP Software. The company has 3 warehouses in Dubai. The company has 3 office in Middle East.    UAE

  Trading    Electronic and Computer Accessories Trading company is looking for ERP Software    Muscat

  Trading    Chemical Indenter and Trader wants ERP software. Implementation in next 1 month. Number of Users Upto 15    Delhi

  Reseller    Information Technology Company in Doha, Qatar want to be Implementation partner of renowned ERP company from India. Kindly contact ASAP.    Qatar

  Reseller    Software Consulting company want to Partner with ERP company from India. The company want to be Sales and Implementation Partner.    UAE

  Valve Manufacturing    The company has 6 Manufacturing Plants with over 800 employees. ERP software should be fully integrated across all the Manufacturing Units. Contact immediately.    GOA

  Tubes and Pipes    Manufacture and Exporters of Tubes and Pipes is looking for ERP Software.    Bangalore

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